Menthol Bold Crystals

Menthol Bold Crystals

Searching for one of the trustworthy Menthol Bold Crystals Manufacturers in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh? Head to Kelvin Natural Mint Pvt. Ltd. Being a master of the trade, we understand your requirements and cater to your bulk queries related to mint products and essential oils. We follow strict industry norms to ensure the quality and purity of these Menthol Crystal.

Features Of Menthol Bold Crystals:

  • Hexagonal Or Needle-like Crystals.
  • Organic Menthol Bold Crystals are colourless & transparent.
  • Have a pleasant aroma to calm the mind and other senses.
  • Natural Menthol Bold Crystals widely used in Pharma, Cosmetic, and Ayurvedic Sector.

Different Uses Of Menthol Bold Crystals:

Menthol Bold Crystals are colourless hexagonal crystals used as a significant raw component for manufacturing Medicines and several Daily Use Industrial Products. Other than that, this has several other usage and benefits that you should be aware of. So, with no further delays, have a look below.

  • Different grade of Menthol Crystals used to produce perfumes.
  • Use in the cosmetic industry for making several personal and hygiene care items.
  • Edible grade Menthol Bold Crystals used to add flavour to mouth freshener and more such food products.
  • Serve medicinal purposes and used to make cough syrup, analgesic balm, inhalers, painkilling ointments etc.

If you are in any of the industry where there is a bulk need for it, we are one of the top Menthol Bold Crystals Manufacturers you can trust.

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Our name in the industry is because of our consistent efforts and helped us become one of the best Pure & Fresh Menthol Bold Crystals Exporters and Suppliers in India. For any queries related to Mint Products, write to us. We’d be happy to help.

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