Molten Menthol

Molten Menthol

Molten Menthol is another most used organic compound derived from mint oils and appreciated for its refreshing mint odour and other characteristics. Their health properties and more make these crystals ideal for different applications. Molten Menthol Manufacturers in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, Kelvin Natural Mint Pvt. Ltd. offer a wide range of Mint Products. We derive them naturally and maintain hygiene and safety while handling and packing them.

Benefits Of Molten Menthol:

  • Organic Molten Menthol has a hexagonal and needle-like shape.
  • Have snow white to almost colourless or transparent appearance.
  • Suitable for Food Additives, Flavouring Industries and Pharmaceutical.
  • Have a minty aroma and ensures cooling, soothing and refreshing effects.
  • Fresh & Natural Molten Menthol needs to store in airtight containers in cool and dry places.

Molten Menthol – Get To Know Them Better

Derived from mint oils, this Molten Menthol has a hexagonal or needle-like shape and nearly transparent colour. Their refreshing minty aroma and cooling and soothing properties make them suitable for multiple applications. Their common usages are in the pharmaceutical industry, food additives, and flavouring industries and more.

With time, more and more people getting aware of its importance, and therefore, their demand have seen a rise over the past few years. To ensure its safe handling and long-shelf-life, store it in a properly closed container in dry and cool places. Being one of the paramount Molten Menthol Manufacturers, we can cater to bulk orders.

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What is holding you back? To date, we have satisfied many patrons with our range and welcome you to be a part of our satisfied clientele. We have resources to cater to your bulk orders. We are renowned as one of the best Pure Molten Menthol Exporters and Suppliers in India for a reason, and we do everything possible to maintain that credibility. Send your enquiry to learn more.

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