Piperita Oil

Piperita Oil

Piperita Oil is highly acclaimed for its therapeutic properties and therefore has its uses in aromatherapy, topical preparations, mouthwashes, toothpaste and more. Their rejuvenating fragrance and ability to soothe the mind make them a suitable choice for multiple purposes. Kelvin Natural Mint Pvt. Ltd. is one of the paramount Piperita Oil Manufacturers in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. We don’t use any chemicals or additives and use natural processes to obtain Organic Piperita Oil. Our experts pay attention to hygiene and maintain it throughout the process. Our offered Indian Basil Oil is also in great demand.

Pros Of Piperita Oil:

  • Boost digestion and have many medicinal properties.
  • Fresh Piperita Oil used for its soothing qualities and minty flavour.
  • Natural Piperita Oil extracted from the flowering plant using the steam distillation process.
  • Clear transparent liquid that is colourless to pale yellow liquid in appearance and has a fresh minty flavour.
  • Can treat several problems like acne, cramps, diarrhoea, flu, headache, insect bites, indigestion and more (if used in the right way and as advised).Place Your Bulk Orders For Piperita Oil Today!

Piperita Oil - Most Used In Personal Care And Cosmetics

Piperita Oil is natural Essential Oil used widely in cosmetic and personal care product manufacturing industry because of their properties and effects that can benefit the skin and health. From the formulation of mouthwashes, mouth fresheners to makeup and several bath products, a few drops of this essential oil can do wonders.

If you are in an industry where you need it in bulk, get in touch with us. Being one of the most determined Piperita Oil Manufacturers, we promise you will receive the best as promised.

You can purchase high-quality Pure Mentha Piperita Oil in bulk with us. Being one of the noted Piperita Essential Oil Exporters and Suppliers in India, we assure you that you will not regret choosing us. Fill the enquiry form or call our experts to take this discussion further.

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